Longterm stay

For all who want to espace from at home we do offer varios packages and oportunities at our castle. We offer single (SR) or double-rooms (DR), intercontinental breakfast and different dinner options.

Discover the the nature landscape "Naturepark Steinwald" around the district Tirschenreuth "Land off thaousan ponds" and the famous Fichtelgebierge or walk around the looking pont "Ochsenkopf" and the beautyfull "Waldnabvaley".

Regardess of weather you prefer, hiking, biking, Golf, Wellness or just relax at our own Castle-Park.

Fancy culture? No problem. Cities like Regensburg (world heritage), Bayreuth (world heritage), Hof, Weiden and many more are ideal for a day trip.Or visit the open-air theatre "Luisenburg". The czech borger ist just 18km.

If you travel by plane, we do offer rental car service at the hotel.

Please chosse from the following packages:

Package: Bronze
Length of stay: 7-14 days
SR:    53 € per day incl. breakfast
DR: 83 € per day/romm incl. breakfast (2 persons)

Package: Silver
Length of stay: 15-21 days
SR:   49 € per day incl. breakfast
DR: 75 € per day/room incl. breakfast (2 persons)

Package: Gold
Length of stay: 22-31 days
SR:  44 € per day incl. breakfast
DR: 66 € per day/room incl. breakfast (2 persons)

Half board: 14,50€ per person and day

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